Below are places that you may buy the Jesus film, The Story of Jesus for Children, Magdalena and other Christian film titles for ministry use at discounted prices.
Each ministry or organization has different prices. These ministries and organizations sell the Jesus film, The Story of Jesus for Children and Magdalena in many languages.

Reach the Nations Among Us

The Jesus Film Project has an offer where you may buy 400 Jesus film dvds for
$400 US dollars plus shipping. For more information, please call 800-432-1997.
Here is a website for more information.
You have to purchase the titles listed on the website above. You may buy 200 of one title and 200 of another title. You need to buy at least 200 of one title for this offer. The titles are the Jesus film, The Story of Jesus for Children, Magdalena: Released from Shame and Damascus. For this offer, you are not supposed to sell, rent or lease the dvds. The dvds are to be given away. You need to read some rules regarding this offer and answer some questions regarding this offer.

1 Dollar Per Jesus Film DVD
Christ For All Peoples
Christ For All Peoples is offering the Jesus Film DVD for a donation of just $1 per DVD. Their goal is for the Jesus Film to reach at least 10 unbelievers or unsaved people and to have at least one person choose to accept Jesus. The Jesus Film DVD is available in around 160 different languages on this website. They also sell the Story of Jesus for Children and the Magdalena film.

Equipping The Saints USA
Equipping The Saints USA is offering up to 70% discount on selected products. Please enter the name of the film you are looking for on the search engine or click on the dvd link on the home page. You need to scroll down on the home page to see the dvd link.

CruStore is offering up to discounts on selected products.

Christian Movie Shop
The Christian Movie Shop is offering Christian DVDs at a low price. These DVDs are packed in inexpensive but presentable sleeve cases. They also offer discounts on other items on their online store. They have some titles about apologetics and creation in addition to the Jesus film. I counted around 22 dvd titles that are being sold on this website. There are some titles in Spanish. If you buy at least 25 or 50 of each title, the cost is around three dollars each. If you buy in quantity, the cost will be between $2.50 and $5.00 each.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

Jesus Film dvds at a Special Discounted Price